As I walked through the vast forest, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of wonder in the air. Suddenly, I heard a faint rustling in the underbrush. Intrigued, I followed the sound until I came upon the most adorable creature I had ever seen.

With really big eyes and really big ears, this little buddy had wings that were just beginning to sprout, and a long tail that wagged happily as it saw me. Its fur was a stunning blend of purple, and it wore a regal-looking Valyrian feathers that made it look like a little prince of the forest.

As I approached, the creature seemed to sense that I meant it no harm, and it allowed me to stroke its soft, furry head. It was so happy and full of life, and I couldn’t help but smile at its playful antics.

The vast forest that seemed to stretch on forever encapsulated a moment I would never forget.

AI tools for concept generation with multiple image to image iterations, iPad Pro, Apple Pen