A bit of an abstract Thursday, around 12:00 plus minus ☺️

It’s true, the machine and I share operations (wow, how new), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for manual creation, like this for example – roller ball pen on canvas, and some digital editing 🙂

If there is a style that describes me more than anything, it’s these abstracts that for some reason, some people attribute to the field of tattoos, but for me it’s “no name”. It’s simply a product of me and my thoughts at a given time or in segments, if I don’t finish in one go.

I don’t believe in templates, frameworks, limiting agreements, and titles. Sometimes part of these are necessary out of human/professional ambition or whatever, but they do not define who we are and our inner self.

P.S Side note: – appreciate the people in your lives, say “thank you”, I promise you it makes a difference, for both sides.